Know what type of car fire extinguisher is right for you

Like all responsible drivers, it is essential that you know and understand how to use  all of the safety components in your automobile  ;.One of them - and perhaps the most important - is the best fire extinguisher for car. However, before learning how to put it to use, when to change it and the regulations involved, you must understand how to choose the right one.

Why is the automobile extinguisher so important

Although car fires are not common, having a fire extinguisher is a significant preventive measure. When you can find flammable liquids or surfaces at risk of fire (common in the cabin), the extinguisher could make the difference between a tiny accident and a fully consumed and unusable car.

Now, fire extinguishers for cars are classified according to the sort of fire, the size and the extinguishing agent. Reviewing these three factors will help you determine which kind of car extinguisher you need.

 Discover the sort of car extinguisher you will need

1. According to the sort of fire

They are classified into 4 types or classes. Class A extinguishers are created to create the fire made by solid fuels, such as wood, plastic or cardboard. Instead, Class B fire extinguishers are used to treat fire due to liquid fuels, such as gasoline, oil, or paint.

On the other hand, Class C extinguishers are employed when fire is manufactured in energized electrical installations and equipment. Finally, Class D extinguishers are used in the face of fire made by metal fuels, such as aluminum, sodium or magnesium.

For a traditional car in that you go work or take children to school, it is ideal to buy an ABC type fire extinguisher.

 2. In line with the size of the fire extinguisher

How big is each fire extinguisher varies according to its content and can be adapted to your needs. You will find fire extinguishers in the marketplace from 1 to 50 kilograms in weight.

In this sense, to decide on an appropriate kind of car extinguisher, it is vital to think about how big is your vehicle. For a household car, it is advisable to buy a fire extinguisher that weighs between 1 or 2 kilograms. This way, it will soon be easier to transport and put it to use during the time of an accident. Furthermore, you are able to correct it in a cushty and accessible place without causing discomfort or discomfort.

 3. In line with the extinguishing agent

A fire extinguisher can be made up of five different agents: water, water spray, powder, foam or CO2. To be able to avoid that the car's electrical system is affected, and even in case of vehicles with more than 16 seats, it is recommended to utilize a powder agent extinguisher, suitable for treating class A, B and C fires.

The worthiness fire extinguisher for auto

In Chile, the extinguishing value for a vehicle can differ between $ 7,000 and $ 15,000, Class ABC, with powder agent and 1 Kilogram. You may also purchase a safety kit with a fire extinguisher included starting at $ 8,000.

Knowing the several types of fire extinguishers for cars can guide you when buying one. Remember to choose the one that best suits your needs, with a weight and size which make it easy to take care of, powder agent and preferably ABC class. Save your self any danger in case of fire and travel safely.